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People from all over the world are choosing to study and work in Europe. Many people are looking to move to this region for the chance to experience a new culture, live in a different country, or take advantage of an exchange program.

But why is it so popular? Europe is home to some of the most historic and beautiful cities in the world. With plenty of opportunities for adventure and exploration, there is something for everyone who wants to study and work abroad.

Our firm helps students to study higher education in Europe. We also provide students with the necessary information so they can make informed decisions about their foreign education, live abroad, and enjoy all the experiences that await them.

We offer to counsel both EU and non-EU citizens who are interested in studying abroad. The professional team at Move Us Abroad is a group of experts that will help you apply for your visa, provide you with accommodation and answer all your questions about studying in Europe.


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Move Us Abroad is one of the leading immigration and visa consultancy companies around the globe. We make it easy to connect you with skilled professionals providing you with exciting new opportunities with our affiliated programs around the globe. ​

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Free Immigration Assessment

Find out your options for visa by completing a free online assessment.


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